Monday, September 21, 2009

Extra Cash for Homeschooling.

Whoever said that homeschooling is cheaper is wrong. It is actually more expensive but I always believe that "one cannot put a price on good education" and "an expensive school does not guarantee high-quality education".

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Kumon Free Trial

We availed Kumon's two-week Free Trial just so I would know if the common system will work for Yona.

Today was her first day in what she calls 'school'. Her session started at exactly 1PM. Parents were not allowed inside the center's classrooms so I made her dad wait for her as I have things to do before her session ends.

At the end of the session she was given worksheets for her Kumon Home activities. Sets of 10 worksheets will be done on a daily basis until her next Kumon Session which is on Sunday.

My daughter started with Level 7A (introduction to reading) and the worksheets all seem too easy for her but we'll see.

Nevertheless, she enjoyed her first day and she's excited to do her worksheets.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm back!

Dear it's been soooo long.

The last entry I posted was on April 2009 and 2009 is about to end ;-)

Fast forward to September 2009...

The little princess already turned 4 and yes, she's still homeschooled but we did not enrol her in a program yet, maybe next year. We are still undecided if we shall continue homeschooling her or enroll her in a school.

I'll be updating this blog from now on so expect more blogs from the homeschooling mom.


We availed Kumon's Free Trial and Yona will start her 4-part Trial Reading class this Friday. Let's see if the Kumon System will work on her.