Tuesday, April 7, 2009

College Fears? Naah...

I am a homeschooling mom so when the college plans are being talked about by my peers all their glares will suddenly focus on me, it's as if I am making a huge mistake in homeschooling my little girl. But I am not at all worried because I know that she'll do well in grade school, middle school, high school and in the university. Right now I can see that she is focused on cooking, art and fashion design so I will not be surprised if she'll took interior design or culinary arts in college. I will not be a hindrance to her dreams and if she plans to take up plans in the field of medicine like I did, then that's fine also.

Taking up courses in this field needs to be thought up really, really hard as we will be spending much of money to finish the course therein. I won't really mind if she chose to enroll as a Medical Assistant if she can't make it as a doctor. There are good Medical Assistant Schools out there who can be a great help if she wishes to fulfill this dream. Aside from this, they also have a blog for especially for St. Augustin School of Medical Assistants which is very, very cool by the way.

But whatever it is that she wanted I know that she'll do good with it because I'll be with her all the way.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

And so the -ING Phase starts...

Yona: Can I use my purple scissors Mommy?

Yona: Mommy...
Me: Hmmmm
Marcelle: Be careful ha?
Yona: Yes Daddy, I'll BECAREFULING...


Yona: What's that? Don't drop things mommy...
Me: I did not drop it!
Yona: You throw it?
Me: No, it was an accident
Yona: Haya ka...Daddy said no throwing and BROKENING of things!