Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why KidsAhoy?

First of all, let me share with you what KidsAhoy is all about:

KidsAhoy is a creative playshop at the heart of Cubao, Quezon City promoting Creative Play through non-traditional educational activities which could help children discover and hone their creative potential.

I met Mommy Joanne of Kidsahoy online February of 2008. I registered Yona in their First Free Playdate for Trekkers (2-4 years old). Since then we never stopped supporting KidsAhoy by joining almost all of their activities because we believe that through this we are bringing out the best in our daughter. We already met new friends and families through them, families that we want to be with until the children grows old and we are giving this new found friendship a lifetime value.

As a homeschooling mom I am on a look-out for more activities for my daughter and KidsAhoy offers more than that. They provided not just a play shop but a second home to my daughter as well - in fact, she hates leaving the place! She calls it her school and Teacher Aia her teacher! At 3 years old, she already knows that she loves - and we love KidsAhoy to bits. Every visit is enjoyable to her as we get to play, learn and have fun as well!

I have here reasons why we ♥ KidsAhoy!

  1. KidsAhoy ♥ Kids
  2. Kids can be kids in KidsAhoy
  3. KidsAhoy is Family
From my daughter's heart through her words, she said that she loves KidsAhoy because:

  1. There's Teacher Aia
  2. Tita Joanne hugs
  3. Lots and lots of crayons
  4. I wav (love) to paint
  5. Troll Bridge
  6. I cut and gwoo (glue) mommy
  7. French Fries
  8. I wav MY kitchen
  9. I want to go there!
Here are some Yona's pics in some of KidsAhoy's activities:

Yona on her First KidsAhoy Playdate February 2008
(with Teacher Ines)

KidsAhoy is Friendship
(with Kylie Calvelo)

KidsAhoy First Nature Trip June 2008

KidsAhoy Caravan of Fun May 2008

MY Kitchen (during one of the playdates)

KidsAhoy Housewarming August 2008

Halloween November 2008

KidsAhoy Contact Details:
m: 0920.517.8127

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yona's Not So Typical Trick or Treat

Sunday, October 26, 2008 - we woke up very late (9am) because we were so tired from the previous night's Trick or Treat celebration in SPi. I prepared express breakfast for the two, ham and egg for us and oatmeal for Yona.

At 9:30am I started working on Yona's costume. I already had in mind a Hawaiian costume since it's the easiest to do and the materials were readily available at home - her two-piece swimsuit was the one she used in the KidsAhoy Caravan :) Now the problem were the leis. I could not find a single flower at home and bringing fresh ones to Quezon City from Cavite was not a good idea - lanta na yun pagdating. So I had to think of something else or she'd be a bare hula-girl without the leis. And then I saw her full-packed pumpkin from last night! Yoooohoooo! So armed with a truck load of candies and a tagging gun I made the candies into a colorful lei! Yehey!

My daughter experienced a not so typical but more enjoyable Trick or Treat event! Thank you so much KidsAhoy for another wonderful day!

As usual, masaya na naman si Yona at ayaw na namang umuwi :)

I forgot to bring a camera so all pictures were grabbed from KidsAhoy!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

On Paper Bag Puppets, Counting, Letter Identification

We started our Counting and Alphabet lessons around 10AM today. She did great with the counting and letter identifcation but had the difficulty removing the teen on eleven and twelve. She counts "" hehehe...although ok naman kasi she can count up to thirty na :) yippeee!

Another thing, I would ask her "How many cakes do you see?" "TWO!" (tama!) pagdating sa numerous items na "How many candles are there?" "Lots and lots of candles Mommy!" patay na! hahaha

After a series of Q&A I noticed that she was no longer interested, she wants to play na as usual. I made puppets for her, brown paper bag puppets! we communicated through puppets and it was really, really fun. I have read that puppets were used to gain and hold the attention of kids with low attention span and and to confidently listen to and speak with children about sensitive issues..Yona, Daddy and Mommy

Her first question was: "Mommy, why is your face angry?"

Friday, October 24, 2008

Clay Art

Art Class

I gave her a little surprise today - a box of clay. I was expecting her to show me something worth blogging (LOL!) but look at her work of art!

Oh di ba napaka-kikay ng anak ko?!? I am not kikay like her so I'm wondering where she got this idea

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yona's Lopsided Butterfly Crazy Mosaic

Mosaics are great for developing hand/eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, encourage creative thinking and yes - patience.


  1. Oslo Paper
  2. Colored Papers
  3. Felt-tip Pen
  4. Glue
Sorry for the funny looking butterfly, I was watching Piolo on the television while making the pattern.

Mommy did the pattern and cutting of the colored papers. Pasting was entirely Yona's job :)

Finally we got a "Go!"

I always have this idea of formally homeschooling Yona - meaning having an accredited school to monitor her progress and all but with the rate of how our finances are going these days having another bill to shoulder was already too much for hubby.

So tonight I asked him if he's okay with the idea of formally homeschooling Yona - and you bet he agreed! It was all the approval I needed! We'll definitely giving this our best shot. I promise that I would devote 2 hours of school/play to Yona everyday so her perception of school is fun, never boring!

I'm calling CFA anytime this week to ask for details.

Wish me luck!

Our supplies of reading materials

One of the reasons for homeschooling is limited finances so instead of enrolling our toddler to uber expensive toddler school, we have decided to teach her the basics at home. It isn't much of a chore but dedication from me and help from my husband is essential to the success of this decision.

For Yona we're just playing. We do cutting, tracing, coloring and her favorite reading! So I have invested a lot on reading materials so she'll be thrilled to read each day. But I did not spend that much on these books, I bought second hand workbooks on eBay, references on Diplomat. All of her "Little Golden Books" costs P10 (20cents) each. How's that? hehehe I make sure that we pay the bookstore a visit every week so we can check for new items on sale.

The books are used of course but it's just ok! All of them are still in good condition and has little creases on the pages. Good value for our P10! These books costs P249 (>$5.20) if bought brand new.

Aside from reading materials Diplomat also sells good workbooks from the US, so go visit Diplomat now!

Works of Art

I have compiled some of Yona's greatest pieces.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

KidsAhoy! Summer Day Camp: La Mesa Ecopark 5-31-08

One great thing about homeschooling a child is that you can bring her everywhere to learn and have fun at the same time. Field trips can be done not with classmates but with other friends whole year round.

Here's our first ever field trip with KidsAhoy at La Mesa Ecopark

The day didn't started okay for it was raining very hard in Cavite and Parañaque. But the weather didn't keep us from joining the hike scheduled that day. You think it was worth all the pagod? Including mine, having no sleep and coming straight from the office and all, Yona and Daddy commuting early in the morning from Cavite (with RAIN and all!)... bet! it was an unforgettable experience not just for Yona but for us as well. thank you KidsAhoy and Blue Water for this experience.

Yona was so shy and clingy at first, just listening and observing everyone. Pero after the butterfly experience, aba! iniwan na kami ng daddy nya!

Preschool Homeschool 101

We're planning to home school Yona until she's 4. I find it so easy because afterall, all play is learning for her. I have bought several books from eBay and materials for arts and crafts to make her busy the whole day and made sure that we will have an accomplished task weekly.

I have read several articles on homeschooling and it boils down to one thing, that the success of this decision depends entirely on the dedication of the parents and guardians. I am just sooo grateful for hubby's and my mom's support on this choice.

We decided to apply the ecletic homeschooling method since we're just starting. Different approaches and methods of homeschooling will be applied depending on which we think is best for Yona.

I already have a planned out the entire year for the home school activities actually. This includes KidsAhoy playdates, field trips, visits to friends of the same age level (Hello Maya and Mya!), science projects with dad, physical activities, art classes, etc etc etc. The list is endless!

May 17, 2008 - Day 1 We started with an art and reading class. I played music in the background, turned the TV off and wham! Never ending fun! fun! fun! Yona was so kulit, pero ganyan lang talaga siya. I have no right to complain. She asks a lot of questions, says NO and insists on what she wants to do. But heck, she's having fun while learning! Yun ang importante :)

May 19, 2008 - Day 2 Dada and Yoe looked for a caterpillar for their science project. hehehe

To know of caterpillars, click here:

Here are some preschool homeschool resources: