Wednesday, January 28, 2009

like mother, like daughter

I am a person who loves studying people. I enjoy watching people talk, dance, move and read their minds through their actions. Hubby gets easily pissed off when I stop talking because he knows that I am reading his mind which is really, really weird and trying to decipher what a certain person thinks without natural ESP can be very, very stressful. It makes my headache.

But maybe this was the reason why I took up Psychology back in college. Sadly I wasn't able to finish it, not because I didn't want to but because of unavoidable circumstances. Good thing I found psychology colleges online. I'm checking out each site because all of them teach a person several ways at looking at issues, understanding human behavior and solving problems. Given this I have to consider if their curriculum matches my interests, their facilities - if updated, their location as I have to visit them from time to time, the number of enrollees and the tuition of course. Aside from these I also have to check if they belong to the top psychology colleges because most employers now choose applicants based on their schools and not on their skills - very weird.

I also saw this ability with my little girl - she loves people, and loves being with them but she takes note of that person's actions and asks her series of why's later. I have to develop her gift correctly now that she's being homeschooled so in time that she's ready to step in these psychology colleges, I know that she's well geared.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Extracurricular Activity: Music & Movement Playdate

Playdate is an essential part of childhood but unlike before I could no longer let my kid play with just anyone in the neighborhood for safety and security reasons. So what we moms do is organize playdates for us to meet and at the same time for the kids to play. This is normally scheduled twice a month to make way for other important activities din :)

Like me my little girl has online BFFs too whom she meets daily online, but gets to play with every other week. I believe that my daughter learns a lot from these activities as most kids her age learn through play. So come January 31st, we are enrolling her in Kidsahoy's Music & Movement Playdate where she would get to be with her old Kidsahoy friends and learn from Teacher Thea as well.

Quoting Teacher Thea, " The music programs I designed integrates creative music experiences with those at school and at home, thus providing a safe and encouraging musical environment that will support your child's mental, physical, emotional and social development."

This is one good experience for Little Yona so I am not letting this opportunity pass :) Aside from this, she's also enrolled in Kidsahoy's Hula Class, a dance class that I truly enjoy hahahaha

Tiny bubbles, in Hawaii...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Homeschool Fieldtrip: Palipalaruan

Location: Palipalaruan, Museong Pambata
Address: Roxas Blvd. cor South Drive. Ermita, Manila

All Roxas Blvd. passers must have seen the transition of this old war helicopter into something worth visiting - a wonderful work of art of a Filipino and an Australian volunteer - a symbol of peace. You'll notice hang drawings from the kids in Mindanao - the kids of war. It made me sad knowing that they're drawings reflect the trauma they developed during the war which made me into realizing how lucky Yona is for living in a peaceful world.

The helicopter’s interiors was developed into a peace shrine to incorporate peace postcards, prayer text, objects, and other contributions from local and overseas individuals, friends, and supporters of Museo Pambata. Printed stories of child evacuees will also be added to this peace shrine, which to Reamillo signifies the lifting and connecting of communities across the globe.

Aside from this, your kid will also love the additional functions of the helicopter, slides! My daughter loved it so dearly.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tired but Happy :)

I just have to blog about this.

Hula Dance Class Day

I started the day very early (6am) as I still have to prepare Yona's things, press our clothes and fix breakfast before she gets up. Yona woke up 30 minutes later, buti na lang everything was prepared na before she woke up or else she'll bombard me with "I don't want to use that shirt" or "Can I bring this instead?" litanya. She's so noisy even in the morning. Sobra.

Yona and I left Bacoor around 830am, rode a van to MRT Taft - she was so sleepy wawa naman. Walked a mile from Savers to MRT station - gracious it felt like a mile because we had to go up the pink foot bridge instead of crossing taft na lang! at karga ko kaya si Yona? hello... you just can't make her walk. She said she was tired and she'll die if I let her walk. Hay naku...

The Hula Class went well - at least for me and the rest of our classmates. Yona still won't dance. At ayoko ng pilitin. I told her that we went there to dance so we SHOULD dance and that she was so UNFAIR for keeping me from dancing - sabi niya I was unfair because I was forcing her to dance when all she wanted to do was paint...grrr...ok fine. I really hate arguing with her kasi talagang napipikon niya ako.

Dada fetched us and we ate lunch in Gateway. I was eating my chicken when I remembered to buy curtain fabrics in Divisoria - so sinama namin si Yona! hahaha

I knew that she was so curious what the place I call "Muddy Mud Mud" looks like so now I satisfied her curiosity by letting her experience Divisoria on a Saturday!