Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ola, Dora!

Yona at 4 is still fascinated with Dora the Explorer. She could watch Dora episodes over and over again and could even speak a number of Spanish words that sometimes I need Spanish translation services so I could understand her.

I have nothing against Dora and I am even glad that she's back to being a Dora fan. For several months, she's been dancing and singing Miley Cyrus. Her music, I think, is way too old for my daughter. But don't you notice it? Dora lacks the right ways I want to impart to my kid. I don't know. Maybe it's time that I introduce her to shows with more substance. And there are some English phrases that I know, are wrong. Dora or Diego would often say 'Good sitting!, good calling! or good jumping!' Is this even proper? I am no English guru but I just don't think Dora's translated properly.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Extra Cash for Homeschooling.

Whoever said that homeschooling is cheaper is wrong. It is actually more expensive but I always believe that "one cannot put a price on good education" and "an expensive school does not guarantee high-quality education".

As we homeschool, we buy materials for my daughter so we really need extra cash ALWAYS. I only work online so I am thankful for opportunities such as LinkFromBlog. They are giving more and more blogging opportunities each day putting more $$$ on my account. I can't thank them enough.

With LinkFromBlog I could get more materials and supplies for our homeschooling journey. More and more bloggers are logging in to LinkFromBlog, you know why? They have a $4 signing bonus that you can get and the payout threshold is very, very, low! Just $50!

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Kumon Free Trial

We availed Kumon's two-week Free Trial just so I would know if the common system will work for Yona.

Today was her first day in what she calls 'school'. Her session started at exactly 1PM. Parents were not allowed inside the center's classrooms so I made her dad wait for her as I have things to do before her session ends.

At the end of the session she was given worksheets for her Kumon Home activities. Sets of 10 worksheets will be done on a daily basis until her next Kumon Session which is on Sunday.

My daughter started with Level 7A (introduction to reading) and the worksheets all seem too easy for her but we'll see.

Nevertheless, she enjoyed her first day and she's excited to do her worksheets.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm back!

Dear it's been soooo long.

The last entry I posted was on April 2009 and 2009 is about to end ;-)

Fast forward to September 2009...

The little princess already turned 4 and yes, she's still homeschooled but we did not enrol her in a program yet, maybe next year. We are still undecided if we shall continue homeschooling her or enroll her in a school.

I'll be updating this blog from now on so expect more blogs from the homeschooling mom.


We availed Kumon's Free Trial and Yona will start her 4-part Trial Reading class this Friday. Let's see if the Kumon System will work on her.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

College Fears? Naah...

I am a homeschooling mom so when the college plans are being talked about by my peers all their glares will suddenly focus on me, it's as if I am making a huge mistake in homeschooling my little girl. But I am not at all worried because I know that she'll do well in grade school, middle school, high school and in the university. Right now I can see that she is focused on cooking, art and fashion design so I will not be surprised if she'll took interior design or culinary arts in college. I will not be a hindrance to her dreams and if she plans to take up plans in the field of medicine like I did, then that's fine also.

Taking up courses in this field needs to be thought up really, really hard as we will be spending much of money to finish the course therein. I won't really mind if she chose to enroll as a Medical Assistant if she can't make it as a doctor. There are good Medical Assistant Schools out there who can be a great help if she wishes to fulfill this dream. Aside from this, they also have a blog for especially for St. Augustin School of Medical Assistants which is very, very cool by the way.

But whatever it is that she wanted I know that she'll do good with it because I'll be with her all the way.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

And so the -ING Phase starts...

Yona: Can I use my purple scissors Mommy?

Yona: Mommy...
Me: Hmmmm
Marcelle: Be careful ha?
Yona: Yes Daddy, I'll BECAREFULING...


Yona: What's that? Don't drop things mommy...
Me: I did not drop it!
Yona: You throw it?
Me: No, it was an accident
Yona: Haya ka...Daddy said no throwing and BROKENING of things!


Monday, March 30, 2009

Clean Up! Clean Up!

I finally had the time and patience to sort Yona's things (and mine).
Total eyesore na kasi =)

Earlier today I started removing the not so good toys from the ones worth keeping and I could not imagine how we have accumulated much toys from fastfoods (Jollibee and McDo)! Ang dami talaga! What I did was kinalat ko muna lahat and started sorting from there and she started "Hey, there's my ________", "There's my _________!". Hmp. Nagliligpit nga eh.

I already kept her baby toys (Alphabet Pal, Rattles, Mobile, Large Puzzles, etc) as she will no longer use it, maybe for the next baby? hehe I separated the toys, books and other materials that we will be using for her classes for easy access.

Sorted Blocks

Her toy rack is finally empty!

Yoe feels better now though I could she still could not drink her milk.

And finally, natanggal ko na rin ang Christmas Tree hahahaha, it's been there for ages! Hello summer na hahaha

I am giving myself until 3PM to sort all of these, hay sana kayanin ko to.