Monday, March 30, 2009

Clean Up! Clean Up!

I finally had the time and patience to sort Yona's things (and mine).
Total eyesore na kasi =)

Earlier today I started removing the not so good toys from the ones worth keeping and I could not imagine how we have accumulated much toys from fastfoods (Jollibee and McDo)! Ang dami talaga! What I did was kinalat ko muna lahat and started sorting from there and she started "Hey, there's my ________", "There's my _________!". Hmp. Nagliligpit nga eh.

I already kept her baby toys (Alphabet Pal, Rattles, Mobile, Large Puzzles, etc) as she will no longer use it, maybe for the next baby? hehe I separated the toys, books and other materials that we will be using for her classes for easy access.

Sorted Blocks

Her toy rack is finally empty!

Yoe feels better now though I could she still could not drink her milk.

And finally, natanggal ko na rin ang Christmas Tree hahahaha, it's been there for ages! Hello summer na hahaha

I am giving myself until 3PM to sort all of these, hay sana kayanin ko to.

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