Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yona's Blades of Glory Addiction

Yona's so into figure skating these days, she has not tried doing it though but she watches every movie with figure skating that I downloaded: Ice Princess, Cutting Edge, etc but one particular movie really got her interest, Blades of Glory. She watches it twice a day and in two weeks she already know the lines in the movie. The movie is really not for kids as it has foul words and sexy content so what I do is watch with her and skip these parts. She sings "I don't want to miss a thing" and "lady humps" pa nga!
Then this afternoon, she was humming "I don't want to miss a thing" again. So we joined with her completely finishing her lines when all of the sudden she shouted:

"Mommy, Katie is not whore!"

Marcelle and I were so shocked! Dada recovered from the shock first and asked "What's that again, sweetie?" then she said "Chazz Michael Michaels said Katie is not a whore!"

She got this line from the movie itself.

m.y. G.o.d.

I didn't know how to react. I thought na edit ko na lahat.

but when she was asked what that line is, she shrugged and said "I don't know..."

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