Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Best Christmas Party Ever

To date we've been through a lot of Christmas parties already but the one we attended today was the best because it was different and it was celebrated with the people my daughter loves the most (aside from us of course!) - her Kidsahoy family.

Like most Christmas parties there were gifts, Christmas songs and program of course but all were for the kids of FCED (Families & Children for Empowerment and Development). The program showcased talents of Kidsahoy - Kuya CJ played the guitar, Kuya Alon read a story for all of us, Ate Justine sang a very beautiful song which got me teary eyed, Kuya Enoch sang a song from High School Musical and the toddlers sang I wav to move it! move it!. Aside from that, 5 homeschooling kids (I forgot their names except Nicolle and Popet) performed a song and dance number and kiddos from FCED joined the fun too!

My little Yona did nothing - except to have fun! She didn't perform on stage but she made a lot of people happy kasi she wasn't in her usual grumpy self. She hugged everyone who greeted her "good morning Yona!" the moment she arrived and was lively all throughout - first in, last out kami no?!?. She had "dede" moments to refuel which was understandable because she consumed a lot of energy by jumping, running, drawing and jumping again! She gained new friends - Masheng and Jea and got reunited with BFFs Kylie and Caine. Got to meet Mommy Michelle and Mommy Leng too!

It was indeed a very memorable Christmas party for my little girl because she experienced the magic of giving and helped fellow kids make other children happy in their own little way.

Thank you Kidsahoy - especially Mommy J and Teacher A for giving us the chance to share. That amidst the financial challenges Marcelle and I are facing you made us realize that we can still make a difference. Thank you again and more power to Kidsahoy!


Cielo said...

sistah, pag may activity for kiddos paPM naman, i want this for Icko

Iris said...

sureness mommy cielo :)