Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yona's Computer Lessons Jokes ;-)

I now allow her to play games on the PC and browse other kid-friendly sites. So far so good - she's doing well especially on the mouse and keyboard orientation. It just surprised me how she used the new words she's learned, nakakaloka!

On Backspace
One of her favorite pastimes is writing on our cemented floor using her colored chalk. One time as she was doodling something and didn't like what she saw she just shouted "Backspace! Backspace!" as she was erasing her scribbles.

Hang or Just Isn't Loading?
She was playing Barbie Dress Up when the PC started to act up, she said "Mommy, I can't see the arrow!", "Wait lang, I'll fix it" I said. As I was fixing it, nanggulo na naman "I want to play magnets na" so I said, "Wait, naka hang nga eh" She blurted "Hang or it's just not loading?!?

Oh, kids talaga!

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