Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Learning Alphabet

The little girl is fascinated with letters more than ever. She's mastering her alphabet and is taking it all with ease. The letters she did not recognized a few days ago? - they're currently her favorites now.

Annoyingly, she'll bore you to death by reading all the letters she encounter everyday. But of course, I don't give her that glum face - that would too much for her. She'll appreciate cooperation from us now. Don't get her mommy wrong - I am too excited that It scares me. Just thinking I am enrolling her in the first grade with all the information she's grasping from our studies is giving me the creeps.

She would make and read letters from popsicle sticks:

And would oftentimes read all the letters she see in shirts!

And she would make letters from leaves, its something, huh?

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