Wednesday, January 28, 2009

like mother, like daughter

I am a person who loves studying people. I enjoy watching people talk, dance, move and read their minds through their actions. Hubby gets easily pissed off when I stop talking because he knows that I am reading his mind which is really, really weird and trying to decipher what a certain person thinks without natural ESP can be very, very stressful. It makes my headache.

But maybe this was the reason why I took up Psychology back in college. Sadly I wasn't able to finish it, not because I didn't want to but because of unavoidable circumstances. Good thing I found psychology colleges online. I'm checking out each site because all of them teach a person several ways at looking at issues, understanding human behavior and solving problems. Given this I have to consider if their curriculum matches my interests, their facilities - if updated, their location as I have to visit them from time to time, the number of enrollees and the tuition of course. Aside from these I also have to check if they belong to the top psychology colleges because most employers now choose applicants based on their schools and not on their skills - very weird.

I also saw this ability with my little girl - she loves people, and loves being with them but she takes note of that person's actions and asks her series of why's later. I have to develop her gift correctly now that she's being homeschooled so in time that she's ready to step in these psychology colleges, I know that she's well geared.

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