Thursday, January 22, 2009

Extracurricular Activity: Music & Movement Playdate

Playdate is an essential part of childhood but unlike before I could no longer let my kid play with just anyone in the neighborhood for safety and security reasons. So what we moms do is organize playdates for us to meet and at the same time for the kids to play. This is normally scheduled twice a month to make way for other important activities din :)

Like me my little girl has online BFFs too whom she meets daily online, but gets to play with every other week. I believe that my daughter learns a lot from these activities as most kids her age learn through play. So come January 31st, we are enrolling her in Kidsahoy's Music & Movement Playdate where she would get to be with her old Kidsahoy friends and learn from Teacher Thea as well.

Quoting Teacher Thea, " The music programs I designed integrates creative music experiences with those at school and at home, thus providing a safe and encouraging musical environment that will support your child's mental, physical, emotional and social development."

This is one good experience for Little Yona so I am not letting this opportunity pass :) Aside from this, she's also enrolled in Kidsahoy's Hula Class, a dance class that I truly enjoy hahahaha

Tiny bubbles, in Hawaii...

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