Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3.5 Today

Yoe turned 3.5 today so when my mom paid a visit this afternoon she bombarded me with "She should be in school na this June" and "Ay nakakatuwa naman tingnan kung naka-uniform na si Yoe" comments again. Ohhh pleeeease....

I told her that I am not putting Yoe in school and reminded her that "hello, Yona's homeschooled na..." but all I got was a stare. Hmp. It was like telling me silently that I cannot do it and she doesn't trust me again - at least that's how I read it. I grew up believing that my mom doesn't approve ANY of my decisions. But perhaps the only type of education she has in mind was the traditional one hence the stare. Whatever.

Deep inside me I know that the little girl is doing good, and as a mom who wants to get the better of education, I know that putting her in a homeschool program which I believe is the best (I so love and believe in you BTF!) is the most advisable option there is. For a mom like me who raises and eyebrow in the education system and the politics in schools, homeschooling na! But the question is, can we afford it? I don't know but this is what I want for my child so Dada must do something or else...


I was given a leaflet this afternoon with the basic computation of expenses for pre-school:

basic tuition fee P20,000
books P5,000
PE uniform P650
miscellaneous P1,500

PLUS: Entrance fee for first time students: P1,350 (what is this for?)

How about the expenses for the uniform? baon? service? extracurricular activities?

...and will I be getting my money's worth?
P30K is such a big amount for us, so sana ma-gain ng anak ko yung dapat niyang makuha.

I only want the best education for my child kahit di naman siya gifted at di kami mayaman but she is my child and I pity her that because we are underprivileged, she doesn't get to do ballet, figure skating, etc. So I want to "make bawi" by providing her the best education & teachers but the problem is, I already met the best (and nicest!) teachers in the planet so I am having a darn hard time looking for better ones (or at least man lang matapatan ang galing nila...)

I am just a mom with an average mind but fully believes that the world could offer so much opportunities for her child. So my question now is whether I take the risk of putting her in a nearby school and just supply her with the "add-ons" (ano to software? hahaha) or continue homeschooling her.

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