Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"A Poem for Yoe"

I love spending relaxing time with you,
all my problems gone in a minute or two.
with that smile and your little cheer,
mommy's issues faced without fear.

reading a book with you by my side,
watching you sleep morning or night.
hug you, kiss you and tuck you to bed,
lots and lots of love we have shared!

eating your favorite meal all day
I want to tell them, if I may?
just plain rice from sun up to sun down
because veggies and pork make you frown!

oh my little girl, you bring so much glee
to mommy & daddy, to everyone, you see!
we love you with all our heart, & with that smile & when you talk,
I'm glad that this is just a start!

"A Poem for Yoe"
by: Mommy Iris, March 4, 2009 11:15pm
photo credits: dada marcelle, posted by tito badz

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