Saturday, November 22, 2008

Raising a Level Headed and Well-rounded Child

Raising a kid all by myself is hard but making sure that she grow up to be what I expect her to be is harder. No one's babysitting her but me, we do things together like watching TV, taking a bath, do errands, do her lessons, play, practically everything. So her "outcome" relies solely on how I guide her. My DH works hard for us and is expecting that I teach our DD everything that's good :) So I am really giving this my best shot and two instances yesterday can manifest that I am doing a good job and that I deserve a pat on my back.

While playing yesterday she accidentally hurt my foot with her bike so what she did was gave me that worried look, hurriedly stepped down from her bike, and ALMOST kissed my foot! "Almost" because I didn't let her! That was too much! I felt like crying because it was too sweet of her to do that! She kept on saying "Sorry Mommy!"


We were in a hurry yesterday because we had to pay her great-grandfather a visit before her DF arrives from work. So I gave her a bath and told her to clean up her mess (toys, arts and crafts) while I was in the bathroom. I was surprised to find her all sweaty because she really cleaned up the living room! I really hugged her and told her that I am so proud of her!

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