Thursday, November 20, 2008

Scout Day in November

Our neighbor invited us to attend the Scout Day celebration in their school today. Thinking this was another "field trip" opportunity for Yona, I said yes and off we went to Young Shepherd's Academy very early this morning. I took it as a chance na rin to check the facilities of the school, baka okay. Hmmmm....

After the program, we were guided into a classroom to rest because all the people plus the heat outside were causing me headaches. I asked Yona to play with the kids in the room and she gladly said "Hi!", introduced herself and played with the toys but never fought with anyone unlike the other kids who belong to the class. These made me proud, really. Because I know that my kid can socialize well and be with people afterall! She knows how to behave - but still don't know how to fight back hihihihi.

I let her play outside too, but it bothered me because other kids we're character bashing (am not sure if this is the right word to be used) each other with foul words. And the mothers were there pa ha? They we're saying things like "Eh ang pangit, pangit naman kasi niyan eh" (referring to one kid), and "Bwisit ka! Bwisit ka!". I am not used to these words - how much more si Yona? Imagine your kid being shouted to as PANGIT and BWISIT? Ouch!

Now I am even thankful that I am homeschooling my kid and that she's not exposed to these bullying this early. I can't promise that I can keep my cool if my little kid will be attacked by these bullies - so perhaps homeschooling is the best choice for me.

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