Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Animal Bowling Set

Whoever thinks that indoor games are boring is just plain lazy and uncreative. I normally let my daughter play outside around 5PM and let her mingle with the kids in the neighborhood to help hone her socialization skills so when the rainy days are here I make it a point to prepare games that would not bore her.

Aside from the normal cutting and play-doh days I also let her play paint, read books and magazines and play with wooden blocks as well.

Good thing I found these super cute wooden bowling set from my friend's store last week. It was endless fun for Yona! Aside from playing the bowling set itself, you can also incorporate math lessons in this toy :)

These set includes 6pcs 4" pins and 3 pcs balls.

Designs available:

Lady Bug

P199/set ($4.06)

You can buy it at Posh Baby or email for your orders.

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