Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our supplies of reading materials

One of the reasons for homeschooling is limited finances so instead of enrolling our toddler to uber expensive toddler school, we have decided to teach her the basics at home. It isn't much of a chore but dedication from me and help from my husband is essential to the success of this decision.

For Yona we're just playing. We do cutting, tracing, coloring and her favorite reading! So I have invested a lot on reading materials so she'll be thrilled to read each day. But I did not spend that much on these books, I bought second hand workbooks on eBay, references on Diplomat. All of her "Little Golden Books" costs P10 (20cents) each. How's that? hehehe I make sure that we pay the bookstore a visit every week so we can check for new items on sale.

The books are used of course but it's just ok! All of them are still in good condition and has little creases on the pages. Good value for our P10! These books costs P249 (>$5.20) if bought brand new.

Aside from reading materials Diplomat also sells good workbooks from the US, so go visit Diplomat now!

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