Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yona's Not So Typical Trick or Treat

Sunday, October 26, 2008 - we woke up very late (9am) because we were so tired from the previous night's Trick or Treat celebration in SPi. I prepared express breakfast for the two, ham and egg for us and oatmeal for Yona.

At 9:30am I started working on Yona's costume. I already had in mind a Hawaiian costume since it's the easiest to do and the materials were readily available at home - her two-piece swimsuit was the one she used in the KidsAhoy Caravan :) Now the problem were the leis. I could not find a single flower at home and bringing fresh ones to Quezon City from Cavite was not a good idea - lanta na yun pagdating. So I had to think of something else or she'd be a bare hula-girl without the leis. And then I saw her full-packed pumpkin from last night! Yoooohoooo! So armed with a truck load of candies and a tagging gun I made the candies into a colorful lei! Yehey!

My daughter experienced a not so typical but more enjoyable Trick or Treat event! Thank you so much KidsAhoy for another wonderful day!

As usual, masaya na naman si Yona at ayaw na namang umuwi :)

I forgot to bring a camera so all pictures were grabbed from KidsAhoy!

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