Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Preschool Homeschool 101

We're planning to home school Yona until she's 4. I find it so easy because afterall, all play is learning for her. I have bought several books from eBay and materials for arts and crafts to make her busy the whole day and made sure that we will have an accomplished task weekly.

I have read several articles on homeschooling and it boils down to one thing, that the success of this decision depends entirely on the dedication of the parents and guardians. I am just sooo grateful for hubby's and my mom's support on this choice.

We decided to apply the ecletic homeschooling method since we're just starting. Different approaches and methods of homeschooling will be applied depending on which we think is best for Yona.

I already have a planned out the entire year for the home school activities actually. This includes KidsAhoy playdates, field trips, visits to friends of the same age level (Hello Maya and Mya!), science projects with dad, physical activities, art classes, etc etc etc. The list is endless!

May 17, 2008 - Day 1 We started with an art and reading class. I played music in the background, turned the TV off and wham! Never ending fun! fun! fun! Yona was so kulit, pero ganyan lang talaga siya. I have no right to complain. She asks a lot of questions, says NO and insists on what she wants to do. But heck, she's having fun while learning! Yun ang importante :)

May 19, 2008 - Day 2 Dada and Yoe looked for a caterpillar for their science project. hehehe

To know of caterpillars, click here:

Here are some preschool homeschool resources:

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