Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why KidsAhoy?

First of all, let me share with you what KidsAhoy is all about:

KidsAhoy is a creative playshop at the heart of Cubao, Quezon City promoting Creative Play through non-traditional educational activities which could help children discover and hone their creative potential.

I met Mommy Joanne of Kidsahoy online February of 2008. I registered Yona in their First Free Playdate for Trekkers (2-4 years old). Since then we never stopped supporting KidsAhoy by joining almost all of their activities because we believe that through this we are bringing out the best in our daughter. We already met new friends and families through them, families that we want to be with until the children grows old and we are giving this new found friendship a lifetime value.

As a homeschooling mom I am on a look-out for more activities for my daughter and KidsAhoy offers more than that. They provided not just a play shop but a second home to my daughter as well - in fact, she hates leaving the place! She calls it her school and Teacher Aia her teacher! At 3 years old, she already knows that she loves - and we love KidsAhoy to bits. Every visit is enjoyable to her as we get to play, learn and have fun as well!

I have here reasons why we ♥ KidsAhoy!

  1. KidsAhoy ♥ Kids
  2. Kids can be kids in KidsAhoy
  3. KidsAhoy is Family
From my daughter's heart through her words, she said that she loves KidsAhoy because:

  1. There's Teacher Aia
  2. Tita Joanne hugs
  3. Lots and lots of crayons
  4. I wav (love) to paint
  5. Troll Bridge
  6. I cut and gwoo (glue) mommy
  7. French Fries
  8. I wav MY kitchen
  9. I want to go there!
Here are some Yona's pics in some of KidsAhoy's activities:

Yona on her First KidsAhoy Playdate February 2008
(with Teacher Ines)

KidsAhoy is Friendship
(with Kylie Calvelo)

KidsAhoy First Nature Trip June 2008

KidsAhoy Caravan of Fun May 2008

MY Kitchen (during one of the playdates)

KidsAhoy Housewarming August 2008

Halloween November 2008

KidsAhoy Contact Details:
m: 0920.517.8127

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