Sunday, October 26, 2008

On Paper Bag Puppets, Counting, Letter Identification

We started our Counting and Alphabet lessons around 10AM today. She did great with the counting and letter identifcation but had the difficulty removing the teen on eleven and twelve. She counts "" hehehe...although ok naman kasi she can count up to thirty na :) yippeee!

Another thing, I would ask her "How many cakes do you see?" "TWO!" (tama!) pagdating sa numerous items na "How many candles are there?" "Lots and lots of candles Mommy!" patay na! hahaha

After a series of Q&A I noticed that she was no longer interested, she wants to play na as usual. I made puppets for her, brown paper bag puppets! we communicated through puppets and it was really, really fun. I have read that puppets were used to gain and hold the attention of kids with low attention span and and to confidently listen to and speak with children about sensitive issues..Yona, Daddy and Mommy

Her first question was: "Mommy, why is your face angry?"

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