Wednesday, October 22, 2008

KidsAhoy! Summer Day Camp: La Mesa Ecopark 5-31-08

One great thing about homeschooling a child is that you can bring her everywhere to learn and have fun at the same time. Field trips can be done not with classmates but with other friends whole year round.

Here's our first ever field trip with KidsAhoy at La Mesa Ecopark

The day didn't started okay for it was raining very hard in Cavite and ParaƱaque. But the weather didn't keep us from joining the hike scheduled that day. You think it was worth all the pagod? Including mine, having no sleep and coming straight from the office and all, Yona and Daddy commuting early in the morning from Cavite (with RAIN and all!)... bet! it was an unforgettable experience not just for Yona but for us as well. thank you KidsAhoy and Blue Water for this experience.

Yona was so shy and clingy at first, just listening and observing everyone. Pero after the butterfly experience, aba! iniwan na kami ng daddy nya!

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